Ronald McDonald on Acid

Warning! Do not watch this if you are on drugs.


McCain’s Gamble

I know that conservatives are probably thrilled about McCain’s choice of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate, but I honestly think the decision will lose McCain the election.

The best argument that McCain has against Obama is that he is too inexperienced to be President. Frankly, the only way McCain can win is to create enough doubt in voters’ minds about Obama. That strategy might have worked, but now it’s severely undercut by the selection of Sarah Palin.

McCain isn’t going to be able to use the inexperience argument very effectively when his running mate’s only experience is a stint as mayor and 1.5 years as Alaska Governor. If that wasn’t bad enough, she has no foreign policy credentials at all.

For a 72 year old hopeful President who has had cancer a couple of times, Sarah Palin in the “heartbeat away” seat is going to be a tough sell. Yes, a lousy pick didn’t cost George H.W. Bush the election in ’88, but this is not the ’88 election.

If McCain hopes to attract disaffected Hillary supporters with a woman he’s going to be sorely disappointed. If he just wanted to shake things up by nominating a woman, someone more credible and experienced like Kay Bailey Hutchison or Elizaeth Dole would have been a far better choice.