McCain’s Dangerous Incoherence

Like many liberals, my view of McCain has been that I may not like him, but I could live with him because he has to be better than Bush. If McCain had beaten Bush in the 2000 GOP primary I believe that the country would be much less worse off than it is now.  I disagree with McCain on many, many things but I’ve always felt like the Senator can at least steer the nation competently.

However, the growing volume of foreign policy gaffes and gibberish emanating from John McCain has me worried. I am worried that we might actually hire this guy to be our military’s Commander-In-Chief and run our foreign policy. I’m worried that too many voters allow themselves to be distracted by phony issues and war stories to pay attention to what McCain has been saying. At some point a series of verbal gaffes and miscues ceases to be funny or “authentic”  and becomes cause for alarm.

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