I Can’t Wait Another 2 Months

bushstupidI’m sick of Bush and Cheney ruining my country. The sooner they’re gone the better. Here’s my evil three step plan to get Obama in the White House now.

Step 1: Dick Cheney resigns.

Step 2: Bush appoints Obama to be Vice-President. Senate confirms overwhelmingly.

Step 3: Bush resigns and Obama succeeds him immediately.

The nation is crying out for leadership. If Bush gives a crap about America and wants to help Obama start digging us out of this hole, he’ll follow this advice rather than spending the next two months pardoning criminals, burrowing his political appointees into federal agencies, rewarding cronies, issuing destructive executive orders and relaxing regulations. I can’t really think of a valid reason for him to remain in office any longer.


W. – The Trailer

Yay! The trailer for controversial director Oliver Stone’s controversial film “W.” has leaked out to the Internets. I’m a fan of Oliver Stone despite his embellishments because his movies are almost always good. But if the movie sucks then in a way it would be doing Bush justice since he sucks.

I noticed that he doesn’t show W. snorting coke.┬áStone must be┬ásaving the good stuff. This is so going to get the Rapeublicans’ panties in a wad. I want to see it!