Keeping Track of Palin’s Lies

John McCain and Sarah Palin are telling so many lies about her record that it’s becoming hard to keep up with them. Palin’s compulsive lying about her past as even more pathological than W’s. Here is a handy list.

  1. Palin stopped the “bridge to nowhere.”
    No, she didn’t pull the plug until Congress had already cut the funding.
  2. Palin was always against the “bridge to nowhere.”
    Not exactly. She was for it before she was against it.
  3. Sarah Palin is a fiscal conservative.
    A fiscal conservative does not rack up $20,000,000 in debt for a small town. Nor does she bill the state of Alaska for staying at her own house, eating her own food or for trips to her husband’s snowmobile races
  4. Sarah Palin opposed earmarks.
    A mayor who opposes earmarks does not hire a lobbyist to obtain earmarks unless that mayor is a lying hypocrite.
  5. Palin sold the Governor’s jet on eBay and made a profit.
    No, she listed it on eBay three times but ended up selling it through an aviation broker at a loss.
  6. Palin fired Governor’s mansion chef.
    No. The chef, Stefani Marnon was reassigned to the Republican state legislature to cook for Palin’s cronies since as Governor, Palin prefers to work in Anchorage or Wasilla instead of travelling to Juneau.
  7. Sarah Palin won Miss Congeniality in the 1984 Miss Wasilla pageant.
    Really??? Come on….
  8. Update: 9/16/2008

  9. Sarah Palin’s teleprompter failed at the RNC and she had to “wing it” during her acceptance speech.
    “The teleprompter got messed up, I couldn’t follow it, and I just decided I’d just talk to the people in front of me, it was Ohio.” OK, she gave an effective speech, but why do they have to lie about the teleprompter?
    Is it because GOP voters just enjoy being lied to?


According to Mudflats, the best Alaska political blog, Brad Hansons’ request to have his divorce records sealed was DENIED!

Sarah Palin Affair Rumors

Earlier this week it was revealed that the National Enquirer is investigating an alleged extra-marital affair between Sarah Palin and her husband’s former business partner.

The Enquirer issued the following statement to Huffington Post:

“The National Enquirer‘s coverage of a vicious war within Sarah Palin’s extended family includes several newsworthy revelations, including the resulting incredible charge of an affair plus details of family strife when the Governor’s daughter revealed her pregnancy. Following our John Edwards’ exclusives, our political reporting has obviously proven to be more detail-oriented than the McCain campaign’s vetting process.”

The McCain campaign is worried enough about the the story to issue a sternly worded press release in an attempt to slap it down.

Andrew Sullivan has learned that the former business partner just filed a motion to have his divorce records sealed. This is about to get very interesting. Given the Enquirer’s recent boost in credibility following their scoop on the John Edwards affair, I think it’s worth paying attention to.

I predict that the McCain campaign will attack the media for “smearing” Palin while GOP pundits screech about sexism and double standards. “The left-wing media is out to get her” defense may satisfy rank-and-file conservatives who need an excuse not to pay attention to what’s going on, but middle-of-the road voters who are less susceptbile to the politics of resentment and outrage will sit up and take notice.

The McPalin Hypocrisy Express

What is it with Republicans and unqualified women? Harriet Miers, Monica Goodling and now Sarah Palin. Palin is an inept hack in the mold of GeeDubya. No wonder the nitwits who want to keep strangling America for the next four years love her. Is Palin really the best qualified person to take the reigns when McCain keels over? Is she better than every other Republican in America? Are her gifts so great that they simply must be shared with the nation? Is there no other Republican who is up to the task?

McCain has portrayed Obama as the high risk choice, the one whose inexperience renders him unfit for the job. McCain has said it, his GOP flacks have said it and so have the conservative pundits. Why wouldn’t McCain choose someone who appears to be more experienced than Obama? Has the right wing been lying to us all this time about how experience matters? Yes, they have because McCain’s selection proves that to him experience doesn’t matter at all. Appeasing the base and winning elections are more important than what is right for the country. At least Bush had the sense to pick a running mate who could help him govern.

McCain intended for the world to to be buzzing about what a bold, “maverick” move he had made. Instead we get treated to a hypocritical fundamentalist soap opera. These are the people who preach abstinence, but don’t practice it. Palin is proud of Bristol’s “decision” to keep her baby but the Governor would deny that choice to everyone else, even to save the life of the mother. They throw Bristol to the wolves to squelch a rumour about whether the baby with Down’s is actually Bristol’s then complain that her privacy is being violated. All they had to do was produce a birth certificate and some eye witnesses. Of course we know that McCain believes children should be off limits since he once joked that Chelsea Clinton is so ugly because Janet Reno is her father.

The McCain campaign is one gigantic, sick joke. His failure to vet properly, if at all, shows astonishingly poor judgement. This is not some high stakes craps game (which McCain is known to enjoy), what is at stake is the future of our country. The idea that McCain would actually ask the voters to consider putting their future in the hands of Sarah Palin is just nuts. I have a feeling that Palin will soon announce that she needs to
spend more time with her family.”