The World’s Greatest Ass

Move over Kim Kardashian. At last the great question has been answered. The world’s most beautiful bottom belongs to Melanie Nunes Fronckowiak of Brazil. Melanie’s great achievement was recognized in a Paris posterior pageant run by Sloggi. Her bum is definitely a sight to behold. Pay no attention to the guy standing next to her. My rump is sexier than his.



This angle puts THE derriere in perspective. Wow!


This one is my favorite. If you still don’t agree that this is the most wonderful sitting device ever affixed to a human, this closeup of the champion will help you recognize it’s power. Do you detect a flaw? NO! It is perfect in every way.


Bow down before the butt. Still not convinced? Try this on for size. Uh huh.


As if you required anymore persuasion, here’s my girl reveling in her victory. What poise, what confidence. Her hiney rules and she knows it.



Proof of Bigfoot?

Ever since I saw a Bigfoot documentary as a kid way back in the ’70’s, I have wanted to be a believer in the creature. There’s too much circumstantial evidence, too many sightings for all of it to be a hoaxes, lies or cases of mistaken identity.

Granted, there are plenty of pranksters out there, a lot of wackos in the Bigfoot community. The guys who recently claimed to have found a bigfoot corpse probably fit into that category. They don’t seem convincing at all. Maybe they’re after the $1,000,000 reward being offered by Field & Stream magazine. If so they have to be the dumbest people on the planet. Why would they attempt to pull off a hoax in this day and age when it would be so easy to disprove?