Billy Mays look out!

Notwithstanding a childhood fascination with Mr. Microphone, I am seldom tempted to buy anything pitched to me on TV. Until recently that is. I have to admit that I am bowled over by the ShamWow.

It’s because of Vince Offer, Shamwow’s appropriately named pitchman. This guy has got to have Billy Mays crapping in his pants. Seriously, the kind of stain that would withstand even the combined power of Kaboom and Oxyclean. Vince can sell. He’s so engaging that I stop what I’m doing and watch him every time he’s on my TV.

Lanky, sporting a cheesy headset and bad haircut, my first thought was “what a mook.” He’s the douchebag who tried to sell me stolen speakers in the grocery store parking lot. But Vince quickly won me over with his sly, street-smart confidence. It’s like he’s letting you in on a secret.

Billy Mays, with his eerily neat brown beard practically screams at you, imploring you with earnestness to see the beauty of his product. Vince knows the angles, he makes the product sell itself. Yes, he’s a huckster and yeah, the ShamWow is probably a piece of junk. But now I feel like such a schmuck for throwing my money away on paper towels. Vince made me want a Shamwow by insinuating that I’m an idiot for believing I can live without one.


14 thoughts on “ShamWOW!

  1. Gus says:

    I totally agree. Vince reminds me of a buddy that sells fake football jerseys at a fraction of the price of the real ones. I know that they’re fake but I don’t care. It’s all about the pitch. I’ve never ordered anything from T.V but I might help out Vince for a couple reasons. First, I want to see Vince do more commercials so I can find out what else I’m throwing my money away on and to laugh when he hassles the “camera guy”. Second, I can’t stand that shouting idiot, Billy Mays. Do I really need some screaming lumberjack telling me what will clean my clothes better? Why does he have to scream? My volume is usually set at a level that I can hear a normal person speak clearly. I just hope Vince takes all of Billy Mays’ jobs. “You following me camera guy?”

  2. shamwowvince says:

    Hey there, guys.

    Actually, the Shamwow works like a charm. I wouldn’t sell it if it didn’t. 😉 But I know commercials can be a bit misleading, so I posted some real life demos from real people on my Shamwow blog.

    But thanks for the kudos. We wanted to make a commercial that would wake people up, and we did! At least it’s different.

  3. the greatest says:

    this would be so damn awesome if it really was vince from the shamwow commercials. he is so much cooler and fun than that dope billy mays. i wonder if his underground tv show is on youtube. i would also like to see his comedy movie. even though i have now seen his shamwow commercials hundreds of times, i still love to watch them and hope he does many more!

  4. derekest says:

    He also directed a horrible movie, sued Scientology, and sued the Ferelly Brothers. Quite the list of accomplishments for a young man!

  5. woodsjasmine says:

    for some reason i have a weird sexual attraction to shamwow vince. i stay up late at night just to watch him. i want to jump him, headset mic and all. gosh he is talented. how does he do it…

    i love that mo fo

  6. DonnaJGamache says:

    Vince has us all fascinated. This is a great blog about politics and religion, but I found it Googling Vince Offer with my morning coffee. I’m ashamed to tell you that, but the first step to wellness is admitting I have a problem.

    I see Vince is CEO of ShamWow (from his LinkedIn profile), and gives his “20” as LA, but he sounds so ‘Jersey to me. He’s such a pop-culture & business phenom, I’m surprised he hasn’t been on The Daily Show yet, with fellow Jersey native John Stewart. Or many he has been … ?

  7. Cat says:

    If I have to see are hear ” Are you following me camera guy ” one more time I will throw up. Vince is the worst pitchman I’ve ever seen. SHAMWOW ROCKS its such a GREAT product. But sad enough to have this idiot pitching it is pretty bad. And If any person thinks Vince is better than Billy Mays is smokin crack. SUCH AN INCREDIBLE PRODUCT THAT ACTUALLY WORKS. It’s the only thing I’ve ever bought off TV. Just sorry they didn’t get someone better than Vince to demonstrate this GREAT product.

  8. bill says:

    Actually Shamwow is a bit of a sham.
    Makes cleaning the car a little easier but the ad makes it look like it sucks up all the liquid in the vicinity. It’s closer to $30 by the time you pay S&H and doesn’t outperform a much cheaper microfiber cloth.

  9. Patty says:

    First, it is funny that there is a comparison to Billy Mays…I had to think a bit to realize who this is, since I ALWAYS mute the TV when he is on a commercial, LOL. Vince is another story altogether. He is quite engaging, and I actually WATCH him each time he’s on TV pitching his stuff…”Are ya following me, camera guy?” NO, I haven’t bought ShamWow, and refrain from buying anything on a TV ad, but I do like Vince. We should be seeing more of him…as a leading man in movies.

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